Dean of Students Mission

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Dean of Students Mission

Reporting to the Vice President of Student Affairs, the staff of the Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) works to ensure that students are treated with dignity and respect. Devoted to promoting a safe, welcoming campus community, they provide programming that enables and encourages students to achieve success in their academic and personal development at NJCU.

The staff of the Office of the Dean of Students fosters the educational aspirations of students through access to services which directly affect their retention in and graduation from the University. These activities lend support to students as they acquire the attitudes, abilities and skills necessary for life-long learning within the global environment. In that vein, the Office staff sponsors programs and events that not only assist in student development, but also recognize the academic and professional achievements of our students.

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The Office of the Dean of Students also has served as the center for student advocacy, assisting students in resolving problems through advisement, referral and intervention. Issues with regard to discipline and academic probation, suspension and dismissal are also the responsibility of this office and require a cooperative relationship among departments and across the divisions.

The ultimate goal of the DOS staff is to help cultivate a campus enviornment that is engaged and built on long-lasting traditions. In return, that engagement has provided students with opportunities to acquire invaluable life-long lessons, enhance leadership skills and commit to civic responsibilities. "Enagagement gets to the heart of what higher education is about and as such, it requires institution-wide effort, deep commitment at all levels, and leadership by both campus and community" (Brukardt, Holland, Percy and Zimpher).